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Recovery ampoule contains ultraV pep, special oil and collagen with freeze drying solution
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Capacity and Weight BIO BF AMPOULE F 60mg * 3EA + BIO BF SOLUTION 6ml * 3EA Product Major Specifications All skin types
Date of use 24 months from date of manufacture How to use Take the proper amount and spread it on your skin.
Manufacturer and manufacturing and selling agent Manufacturer:New&New Co / Manufacturer and seller:Ultrav Co a manufacturing bureau Republic of Korea
All components UltraV bio BF ampoule epe purified water, sodium hyalunate,1,2-hexandiol, magnesium ascorbylphosphate, acetylcystane, eschic-oligo peptide-5 ultraV bio BF solution purified water,galactomyces valvulae,1,2-hexandiol, honey extract, niacin amide, horseshoe Jannabi extract, acetyl tetrapeptide-11, basilus/sophosphate, butylene glycol,bottle grass extract, period tree stem extract, iron rain extract, glycerophosphorine, sodium psi, glycerine, magnesium ascorbylpate, palmitoilipeptide-1, palmito-tetrapeptide-7;adenosine,sodium hyaluronate,pyige-40hydrogenated cast oil,pyige-26-boutes-26,capril glycol,acetylcysteine,caputripeptide-1,acetylhexapeptide-8,tripeptide-1,palmitolepentapeptide-4,hexapeptide-9,esech-oligopeptide-5,nona peptide-1
unctional or non-functionality BIO BF SOLUTION :whitening, crease improvement
Precautions for Use 1) When using cosmetics or after use, consult a specialist if there are any symptoms or side effects of red spots, swelling, or itching in the area of use by direct sunlight2) Refrain from using damaged parts, etc.3) Precautions for storage and handlingA) Keep it out of reach of children.B) Keep away from direct sunlight.
Consumer counseling-related telephone number 02-539-3450 Quality Assurance Standards We will compensate you in accordance with the Fair Trade Commission's Notice (Consumer Dispute Resolution Standards).

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